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We hold the conviction that a unique connection exists between an individual and an idea, just as there is between a team and a vision.

Bringing business models to life

At the heart of every business model lies its practical execution in the real world. This is where true innovation and viability are proven. We recognize that the key to this transformation from concept to reality rests with the people behind the ideas.

Focusing on talent and innovation across all sectors

Our investment approach isn’t limited by industry sectors as innovation and execution matter more than the market segment. We invest in people and their ideas, regardless of the industry, fostering growth and innovation in every venture we undertake.

Engaged partnership

Our role goes beyond financial investment. We commit to being a part of our partners‘ journey, offering support where it’s most needed, whether that’s through mentoring, strategic financing, or other forms of assistance.

Supporting future growth

We’re not just initial investors, we’re long-term partners, ready to support your business’s ongoing growth and development through subsequent funding stages.

Angel Investment at scale

We are dedicated to backing pre-seed, seed, and Series A startups with investments up to 1.000.000 € per round. Our approach is refreshingly direct, and we pride ourselves on swift deployment of capital. At our core, we prioritize founders over red tape, emphasizing entrepreneurship over politics. We’re not politicians, we’re entrepreneurs.

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